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“I was hesitant at first choosing a large daycare centre over a smaller based home daycare.  I was worried my daughter would not get enough one on one attention in a larger environment.  I could not have been more wrong.  From the very first day I knew I had made the right decision.  She came home happy and excited about what she learned that first day.  And she has come home that way every day since.  I cannot say enough good things about Kindertown and the teachers there.  They have made the hardest thing about being a working mom – leaving my child easy.  And I can’t thank them enough.  My daughter was treated like family and that means more to me then I could possibly say”
Carrie D.

“We want express our sincere gratitude for the wonderful job you do taking care of our children.  I didn’t think a centre based daycare could provide the same intimate care as a home based daycare.  I WAS WRONG!  You create a fun nurturing environment for our children.  You and your staff go above and beyond to know and interact with every child in your care and provide each one of them with genuine love and affection.  My children know they are loved there and the love all of you in return.  The dedication of you and your staff doe not go unnoticed.  The daily updates on their sleeping and eating for the day are very helpful and the newsletter is a great tool to keep us in the loop.  Thank-you so much for all that you do to help raise our family.  We appreciate all the love and care you give to our children.”
Audra and Tony S.

“Fortunately for me I moved my child to Kindertown as my son’s daycare and so I have the comfort of knowing that he is in competent, caring hands.  Every day my child is greeted with enthusiasm and a smile.  He is made to feel as though he is wanted at Kindertown.  Once your child is dropped off you realize that although factors such as location, programming, and cost are important, the only thing that seems to matter is whether or not you trust the caregivers…….and at Kindertown I DO!!  The owners at Kindertown Lisa and Angela know every child in the daycare and have an invested interest in their well-being.  They are present, enthusiastic and invoice in the daily operations of the centre.  They run the centre with the highest standards; from programming aspects to parent involvement to the physical environment.  I am very thankful that they take the time to discuss issues, concerns and solutions personally.”
Elizabteh D

“Words alone are not enough to express our gratitude for the love and acxre that you have provided both of our children.  Ten years ago my extensive research for the perfect daycare for my first child brought me to your door.  The moment I stepped in those doors, I knew this was that place where I could safely leave my child.  This is not JUST ANOTHER DAYCARE THIS IS A SECOND HOME AND FAMILY.  Even though your centre was out of my way I knew that I made the right decision and that both my children were taken care of.  I was able to go to work with a clear mind.  You helped raise both my daughters and forever we will be grateful” 
Agnes K

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