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Kindertown is a family run child care centre.

Kindertown Child Care and Learning Centre© is based upon the ongoing imagination and passion efforts of the Russumanno family. Led by Mrs. Lisa and her partner Dominic, the centre has evolved into an interactive, customized center. Every corner of the centre, from the indoor aesthetics, lofts, furnishings, playground and emerging community garden, has been painted, crafted and fashioned by a member of the Russumanno family. The centre is a reflection of their love, dedication and care.

Based upon their experience raising three children, Mr. and Mrs. Russumanno set out in 1994 to create a daycare that would encourage children to investigate, imagine, think, create and solve problems by creating memorable experiences. Every room in the centre features physical attributes that allow children to explore their imagination. From the custom made junior toddler castle to the senior preschool multi-functional play area, Kindertown Child Care and Learning Centre© encourages children to open up their minds.

Blessed with 2 acres of surrounding green space, a multitude of municipal parks, protected green spaces within walking distance and complimented by our very own community garden, children at Kindertown Child Care and Learning Centre© are given ample opportunity to interact with the natural world. Such exposure helps contribute to the children’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual and well-being.


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